Sunday, June 9, 2013

Picture frame tape storage - Homeroad

Easy to make AND pretty picture frame washi tape and twine organizer, by Homeroad, featured on I Love That Junk

Need a place to stash your tape or twine? All you really need is a rigged up picture frame and little slats of wood for holders!

Susan actually landed an old thread rack from a garage sale. She teamed up all the bits and pieces and created a functional and pretty way to store her tapes and twines.

Why I LOVE this:

Imagine this... a massive picture frame with oodles of storage via tiny little slats of wood. You could even add hooks for things such as jewelry. It's a compact, organized way to store something you need anyway. And this is way cooler than tossing it into a drawer! Organized chaos at it's best!

Check out the full deets and a few more pictures over at:

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