Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Make an authentic reclaimed wood barnwood flowerbox - The Moon and Me

Create this little reclaimed wood barnwood flowerbox in minutes! By The Moon and Me, featured on I Love That Junk

This sweet little barn wood flower box could NOT be simpler to make!
Kelly came upon a local house and barn in her area that was taken down. The FREE WOOD sign lured her right in. She stocked up and came up with this beautiful reclaimed wood indoor flower box that could really be used for most anything.

reclaimed barn wood

The install surprised me. She didn't even use nails or screws to create the build, but just GLUE! (the blog post link below tells how) So there's no excuse to not make this if you don't have the right tools on hand.

What I LOVE about this:

There is nothing finer than authentic weathered wood. While it can be achieved with new wood and paint, if you use the real deal, you're already there. Nature and weather always does the treatment right. And this sweet little box is proof. 

I could see using this for pens and paper beside a phone, a few mounted to walls as shadow boxes, anything! A little box is just that easy to make. p.s. Add a little handle and it becomes an instant toolbox!

For more details and how the box was glued together, visit:

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