Saturday, March 30, 2013

Piano painting with a subway bench - Kammy's Korner

Painted piano with subway styled bench by Kammy's Korner, featured on I Love That Junk

A painted over piano plus a subway styled bench? Yes please! 

Instant vintage ironing board side table - Daisy Mae Belle

This child's vintage ironing board as a side table is the perfect example of a project that is instant, productive and requires no DIY skills whatsoever! This is my all-time fav way to decorate.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Silver leafed Easter Egg - Magia Mia

Amazing silver leafed easter egg made with everyday crafting materials! By Magia Mia featured on I Love That Junk

This gorgeous silver leafed Easter Egg looks like a high end trinket you'd find at a high end gift shot. But looks couldn't be further from the truth.

Industrial pipe side table - Golden Sycamore

Industrial pipe side table by Golden Sycamore, featured on I Love That Junk

A side table is just a side table, unless it's a two tiered table stylin' one made from pipes!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

How to make vintage wire baskets - It All Started With Paint

How to age new wire baskets to look old - by It All Started With Paint featured on I Love That Junk

Who doesn't swoon over an old vintage wire basket for storage these days? They are cool, and so incredibly versatile. But the best part? They're old and crusty!

Muslin Rag Wreath - Down to Earth Style

Muslin rag wreath, by Down to Earth Style, featured on I Love That Junk

This irresistible shaggy wreath has a secret. It's created out of basically ripped strips of fabric.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wine Glass Holder from Vintage Rake - Art Is Beauty


Old rake hangers are genius. It's the perfect repurpose that offers a dollop of authentic charm.