Saturday, May 17, 2014

Easy pallet wood shoe storage - Art of 66

Easy pallet wood shoe storage by Art of 66, featured on

If you don't have enough room for shoes in your front entry, why not go up with this super simple easy pallet wood shoe storage? Genius!

When Simone redid her entry, she desired a little brightness and simplification. So she got out the white paint, shuffled a few things around and got creative.

Creative entry with an easy pallet wood shoe storage by Art of 66, featured on

Hiding behind that neat looking curtain is a shelf unit, complete with a cool wooden wall feature with the shoe storage attached. That wall is COOL!

What I love about this space is how bright and simple it appears. Entries can become a jumble of things in a real hurry.

Check out the very colourful and much busier before of this creative space at:

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