Monday, October 7, 2013

Stacked vintage baking pan trays - Shabby Gals

Stacked vintage baking pan trays - Shabby Gals, featured on

What's the saying again... if you don't have room horizontally, go up? These stacked vintage baking pan trays offer you that extra space in a vintage junk kinda way!

Dianne landed some candlesticks for $1 at a garage sale and these old baking pans for nearly nothing. So she married the two together and created one of a kind, stacked trays that could be used for anything!

Inside the tops, glass doorknob handles give these rustic gems added vintage bling!

What I LOVE about these:

I love that Dianne left the pans tarnished. They have such an industrial, vintage feel you can't get with new nor paint. Add the fact that the 3 tiered trays can be used for food, jewelry, tools, crafts, office... most anything, makes this one winner of a DIY project!

Check out how they were attached with even more photos at:

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