Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Old alarm clock turned planter - Magia Mia

 Wildly cool rustic alarm clock planter - Magia Mia featured on I Love That Junk

Dear thrift stores, you are about to lose all your alarm clocks, because this old alarm clock turned planter is smokin' cool!

Maria actually had a NEW alarm clock on hand, but it just wasn't charming enough for her rustic taste. Then a brainstorm hit... make a planter out of it!

She dismantled the clock and painted it to resemble an amazing old rusty finish. What a fabulous patina from new paint!

Wildly cool rustic alarm clock planter - Magia Mia - creating the base

The clock required a rounded base for the plant to sit inside. So the clock face was attached to a recycled plastic food container, and outfitted for the perfect fit. Genius!

What I LOVE about this:

This little plant truly looks like it found this long lost clock all on it's own, and made itself at home. Creative and so unique, I do believe I'll be eyeing up old alarm clocks in a whole new light from hereon out! How about you?

Check out the very detailed and fabulous tutorial at:

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