Thursday, May 30, 2013

Two cool rusty hinge picture frames - Chipping with Charm

Make a butterfly rusty hinge picture frame you can hang... in minutes! Perfect for the true blue junker. By Chipping with Charm featured on I Love That Junk

Is it a hinge, or a butterfly, an ornament or a picture frame? All of the above! This cool butterfly styled hinge is doing 4x the duty and lookin' mighty cool! (read on for another...)

Laurel claims to be in a creative lull, but then she whips that junk butterfly creation up. Who else wants her kinda lull?!

Magnetic junky hinge picture frame.. cool! By Chipping with Charm featured on I Love That Junk

Here's another fun take. A rusty hinge plus a magnet = one junk lovin' frame.

What I love about these:

If you are a true blue junker, you will get jittery looking at a metal, rusty hinge. Add the fact that these are productive, yeah... I'm in! Also love how the butterfly can hang from a drawer, door handle, etc. You could find some really cool unexpected places for it.

Find out more about both these hinge picture frames over at:

p.s. Laurel has earned her own label. Click it below to scroll for more of her stuff!

Sifted through Party Junk 187 for this one!

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