Sunday, October 13, 2013

An outdoor pallet deck - Minettes Maze

Make your own outdoor pallet deck! By Minettes Maze featured on

Making an outdoor pallet deck in the backyard is as easy as fitting together a bunch of pallets! Here's how.

Shelly desired a deck around a fire pit in the backyard, and couldn't decide on pavers or pea gravel. Then her neighbour offered her a bunch of pallets. BINGO.

Make your own outdoor pallet deck! By Minettes Maze featured on

The pallets were placed together as tight as possible, then attached to each other. 

What a cool idea... the eclectic deck has the look of hardwood but in a salvaged style. And it was already built! Just be sure and look out for pallets that are ultra sturdy... not all are alike.

For the full tutorial and more pictures on how they pulled this off, visit:

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  1. This is such a neat idea. I've never seen pallets like this around here. What types of items are shipped on this kind of pallet with the boards all filled in ~ or is that top secret information :)

    1. Shelly I believe these pallets came from some type of paper printing company. Yeah these are deff unique and hard to find!! Thanks for checking this project out!!

  2. Thank YOU DONNA!!! What an honor to feature my project!! Totally made my day!!! I knew you would like this pallet project if you ever did see it.

    Thanks Again!