Sunday, September 1, 2013

Steampunk glass canning jar lid privacy window - Donna Herman

Steampunk glass canning jar lid privacy window - by Donna Herman featured on I Love That Junk

Are you ready to rock your world with a first?  This steampunk glass canning jar lid privacy window is gorgeous!

Donna desired a privacy window. So she glued glass canning jar lid inserts onto a separate old window, and simply tucked it in front of another window. BAM. Instant privacy and coolness! With a steampunk edge. Well, I think so anyway. :)

glue canning jar lids onto old window with a clear auto marine sealant

Steampunk glass canning jar lid privacy window - Donna Herman featured on I Love That Junk

Donna used a clear auto marine sealant to glue the lids onto the old window. She just made sure she spaced them out evenly and went for it! And as fillers, added some clear glass beads in between the lids. Neat touch!

What I LOVE about this:

First, that I would have never thought of it for a start. And that it's got a steampunk vintage edge second. And third... it still allows the light to penetrate through. This is so stinkin' cool, completely original and totally genius!

Donna Herman, you are about to go viral on this one. Ready to be famous? :)

For the full meal deal details, visit the tutorial description at:

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  1. What an awesome idea! She must have been collecting those lids for a while...I almost never see them anymore.

  2. It's all in the careful choice of glue - well done!! For me, I'm still a lead and solder guy =)

  3. I'm thinking either do the bottoms off of glass jars & bottles with marbles or beads as spacers? anyone remember, is the trick cotton thread with rubbing alcohol & then flame to score the glass? Things I've read & never done ;p)
    How about a mosaic of broken glass between old windows? I keep dreaming of an old house that I stucco the privacy fence & have decorative windows in, also that type of thing for a privacy screen in front yard & the gate but used broken ceramic & metal scraps in the gates. Yep, I always dream about places & people before I move there!