Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vintage painted bike planter - Ranger 911

Vickie has this gorgeous vintage painted out bike serving as a planter outdoors. I've always wanted to do this!

But it didn't always use to look like this.

She refers to it's previous life as something you'd see outside of the Bates Motel.

Go check out her post. It's funny!

Well, 'nuff of that! She cooked up a potion of paint and gesso and made her bike come to life!

Goodbye Norman Bates, hello Aqua Velvet!

Check out the full tutorial and how it looks in her beautiful yard at:

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  1. Vickie did a great job on that bike! LOVE that color too!

  2. Gee thanks Donna!!!! I just found you have this other blog and featured my old bike! It seems I've got some catching up to do!